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Connecticut and its people played an important role in the Revolutionary War and the founding of this Nation. Though historians have left us with a vivid picture of some of the important people, places and events of the time, there are stories yet to be told.

The story of Samuel Huntington is a part of that forgotten history. Samuel Huntington's involvement in the founding of this nation has never fully been told or appreciated. He never received his "proper place" in the history of the American Revolution.

We intend to do something about that but we need you! By becoming a member, you can be a part in creating a museum that will finally tell the story of Samuel's lifetime of public service. Join us in this worthy endeavor and help us develop a museum which will serve to honor Samuel Huntington and acknowledge his important role as a Statesman and Founding Father.

Our Membership Application describes the special benefits you will receive by joining the Trust.

There are many and various reasons why people become involved in the Trust. Some insight into the reasons why can be gained by reading the short biographies of some of our current members.

The work of the Trust is carried out by several standing committees whose assignments are spelled out.

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The Huntington Homestead is owned and operated by the Governor Samuel Huntington Trust, Inc., P.O. Box 231, Scotland, CT 06264. A non-profit corporation formed in 1994, the Trust is authorized by the IRS to receive tax-exempt contributions. This site has been made possible by a grant from the Connecticut Society of the Cincinnati.
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