Committee Assignments

  1. Museum Planning & Restoration Committee
    1. House and museum programs
      1. Open Houses from May to October
      2. Reenactments and Living History Program
      3. Learning workshops -- hands on house
      4. Field Schools in archaeology
      5. Advisory Board
    2. House and museum functions
      1. Restore house and grounds
      2. Landscaping plan
    3. Work in progress
      1. Development of Speaker's Bureau
      2. Researching Samuel Huntington
      3. Creation of Elder Hostel Programs
      4. Research Karpeles Manuscripts
      5. Continue annual or bi-annual Living History Program
    4. Future Goals
      1. Establish a docent training program
      2. Establish a school curriculum program
      3. Create a replica of original house
      4. Develop & implement landscaping plan
      5. Rebuild stone walls
  2. Finance & Fundraising Committee
    1. General Budget & Operating Funds
      1. Establishment & maintenance of yearly budget
      2. Establishment of policies & procedures manual
    2. Future Goals
      1. Establish permanent fundraising committee
      2. Hold a goods & services auction
      3. Hold other big fundraising events
      4. Recruit and maintain a Development Officer
      5. Form a Grant Writing subcommittee
      6. Utilize various grant writing workshops
      7. Oversee each committee's grant needs synopsis
      8. Revise donor thank you responses
      9. Update the corporate budget
      10. Pay off the mortgage
  3. Publicity Committee
    1. Oversee all publicity for each committee and overall Trust functions
    2. Maintain newsletter
    3. Future Goals
      1. Recruit and maintain committee members
      2. Develop PSA's for media
      3. Develop a documentary about the Trust & house
      4. Develop new brochure
      5. Seek publicity coverage of current events

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